Aaron Jones - RE/MAX Hall of Fame & Lifetime Achievement

Aaron Jones

RE/MAX Hall of Fame & Lifetime Achievement

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Thank you for checking out my profile.  My name is Aaron Jones and I am the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Lakes Realty.  I specialize in lakeshore home sales on West Lake Okoboji, East Lake Okoboji, Big Spirit, Lake Minnewashta, Lower Gar Lake, and Upper Gar Lake.   Below you will find over 150 testimonials on Zillow.
I have been selling real estate since 2012. I am a lifelong resident of Lake Okoboji and my family has been in construction for about 60 years. I grew up in construction and understand construction costs, and this has helped me immensely in adding value for my clients. Prior to selling real estate, I managed a furniture manufacturing facility in Milford, IA. I learned a lot about lean manufacturing and have brought many of those concepts into our business here, mainly focused on efficient technologies in real estate. I have a great team of 24 agents that work together to find buyers for our clients. I have 2 incredible employees, and also have a technology business partner in India, and we have been developing real estate management and paperless transaction management solutions, along with our own proprietary electronic signature service (www.signfast.com and www.leadcity.com) and we use these solutions daily in our office. I have built 5 homes since I was 26, 4 of them being lake homes, and I invest everything I have in real estate. 
I’m very proud of our agents in so many ways, but the success is partially defined by the numbers. In 2020, our office closed more Dickinson county transactions than any other office, and in Dickinson county, we beat all other offices in Sales volume by over $20,000,000. We know how to market; we know how to treat people, and we know how to do the right thing, regardless of dollar signs. Lastly, since 2015, I have closed more transactions than any other agent in the MLS in Dickinson county, and I’m proud to say that I was #1 in sales volume in 2020 for the entire MLS. When you hire me to sell, you will get ethical, professional service with expertise in online marketing, social media marketing, and web lead generation, which will produce a buyer for your home.  When you hire me to buy, you will have someone in your corner that will find you that perfect home, even if that means sending out mailers or contacting owners through facebook to find you that special place.


Aaron's Listings


Status: Pending
2720 Breezy Heights Drive, Wahpeton, IA 51351
  • 211313
  • N/A
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  • 22,061


Status: Active
86 HWY 9, Spirit Lake, IA 51360
  • 220125
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 367,210


Status: Pending
445 240Th Avenue #400, Arnolds Park, IA 51331
  • 220445
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1,436


Status: Active
1404 4th Street, West Okoboji, IA 51351
  • 220474
  • 3
  • 3
  • 2,304
New Listing


Status: Active
1510 Okoboji Avenue, Milford, IA 51351
  • 220227
  • N/A
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  • 1,560
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Area Insights

The West Lake "Tie Up"

The West Lake

For most leisure boaters in the Iowa Great Lakes, there are 2 main hot spots to go throw an anchor, sit back, and just relax. Sometimes this will result in numerous boats tying up to one another (you may not even know your neighbor), and sometimes it results in a little more privacy where you can chill just by yourself. Every weekend, boaters make the trek across the deepest parts of West Lake to either Gull Point (North AND South side) and Miller's Bay. Thought there are many other great areas to throw an anchor, relax, and swim, these are the two hot spots. If you aren't sure where to go on a Saturday afternoon or wonder where your friends might be, these two spots would be a good start.

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Haywards Bay

Haywards Bay in West Lake Okoboji

Haywards Bay on West Lake Okoboji boasts low approaches and one of the few areas on West Lake to offer sand beaches. Renowned for the "bay of the flags", you will know you are in Haywards bay because of the all the American flags on the end of the docks. Fishing is great in Haywards Bay and the sunsets are one in a million. To get to Haywards Bay by car, one would drive the east side of the lake on Lakeshore Dr.

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"The Tressle"

"The Tressle" bridge used to carry the old railroad that traversed the area. Now the tressle is home to some of the areas best fishing. Served as a hot spot for fisherman, and a trail for walkers and bikers, the tressle is a classic structure of the Okobojis. We spent days jumping off of the tressle doing cannonballs, preachers, flips and the like. I know in my life my friends and I have caught literally tens of thousands of crappie and blue gill off the tressle bridge.

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Emerald Hills

Emerald Hills in Arnolds Park

Emerald Hills Golf Course is one of the premier golf courses in the Iowa Great Lakes. Golfers throughout Okoboji will tell you that compared to the rest of the golf courses around, Emerald Hills is probably the most challenging. When I grew up as a kid, we lived just a half block from the back side of the course. We would sneak on with a couple short little clubs and balls we found walking the course and sometimes spent more time being chased by the sprinklers than trying to hit golf balls. Emerald Hills was owned by Gordy and Bette Benit many years ago and they can be credited with growing this course into the masterpiece it has become. Later purchased by Randy Rohlfsen and a few others, Emerald has flourished as one of the best courses around. If memory serves me right, Randy has been there since the early 1990's and has always had a strong conviction to help young golfers. He has taught and coached numerous high school teams, and they also put on a 5 day junior camp every year which has been a tremendous hit. I grew up on this course and can honestly say, you better be hitting the ball straight!

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Cheap vs high end quality. A buyer's perspective.

Cheap vs high end quality.  A buyer's perspective. in The

Here's the scenario. You are building a house or remodeling your house. Material costs are up. Labor costs are up. You ask yourself, where can I save a buck? Before answering this question, you must be careful, especially if your home is located in an area where other quality homes are built, whether on the lake, off the lake, or in higher valued developments such as golf course developments, etc. Growing up in construction and with a plethora of new construction and remodels under my belt, let me share with you some of the easy things that your future buyers will recognize when they are looking for quality.
1. One of the first things buyers of higher end homes will look for is to determine if the owner used hollow core doors. It's an immediate sign that the seller was looking for ways to save money (where else then did they cut back that I can't see???)
2. The second most obvious is the counter tops. Did the sellers spend for a quality granite, quartz, or other hard surface, or was formica used?
3. The third item that might stick out is the cabinetry. Do the drawers have dovetail construction with hardwoods? Did they use "soft close" drawers? Are there pull outs for the pots and pans?
4. Flooring is an easy one also. Was laminate used, or is it engineered or hardwoods? Does the carpet convey a quality feel and plushness? Is there a nice thick pad underneath the carpet?
5. Though there are many other items to look at, cheap vs quality lighting and plumbing fixtures are probably the next major focus.

There is nothing wrong with with using lower cost materials, especially when trying to keep a project within budget, especially when trying to build more house for less money. Just be aware that most buyers looking to spend in excess of $300k for off lake homes and $500+ for East Lake chain homes, and $1M+ for West and Big Spirit will expect the very best materials and finishes.

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"The Harbor"

The harbor is a man made inlet located on the north end of West Lake. A board walk surrounds the harbor and this is one of the most tranquil parts of the lake. Homeowners in the harbor have a more affordable way to have access to West Lake, and still get to enjoy the clean waters West Lake has to offer. Homes in the Harbor typically range from about $350k to as much as $700k.

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Boulders Inn

Boulders Inn and Suites promises to make your Okoboji vacation comfortable and relaxing. This new hotel just south of Emerald Hills golf course between Milford and Arnolds Park offers 40 rooms with suites to meet your individual needs. One of the best things about Boulders Inn is that it is within walking distance of the Taco House. For some of you, I know that can be a big deal!

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Arnolds Park Amusement Park

Arnolds Park Amusement Park in Arnolds Park

Having lived in Okoboji all my life, there are a wealth of memories of Arnolds Park. I, like many of the locals, miss the nostalgia of the old Roof Garden, the fun house, the water slide and much, much more. With time comes change, and the amusement park continues to reinvent itself. Currently with over 20 rides to choose from, the family is sure to have a good time. The main attraction, The Legend Roller Coaster, is the 7th oldest coaster in the United States and apparently the 13th oldest in the world. Reaching speeds of up to 50 mph, the roller coaster has undergone substantial renovations in the last year. In front of the amusement park on West Lake is the Queen II excursion boat, and Pirate Jacks Bar. The sunsets here are unparalleled. If you have a chance to visit, make sure to check out the tipsy house, the three sons, and all of the shops. Just to the east is the green space, which provides great entertainment and in 2013 OAR came to play, which is a pretty big name for Okoboji.

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Real Estate and MLS Homes For Sale in Lakes Agent Insight Description of East Lake Sunnyville in the Lake Section of the Area Category.

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Arrowood Resort

Arrowood Resort in Okoboji

Arrowood is a year-round conference center and hotel with over 100 guest rooms, whirlpool suites and a "Great Room" for hosting group events and hospitality suites. Formerly known as Village East, the resort offers an outdoor pool, deck, playground, volleyball and croquet courts and a heated indoor pool area. Hotel goers can also enjoy an on-site salon, Minervas Bar and Eatery and lit parking. Located on Brooks National Golf Course, Arrowwood Resort offers some of the finest lodging around. Years ago, Brooks Golf Course clubhouse was actually housed on the rear side of Arrowood, but since then, the course has been converted to 27 holes with a a new separate clubhouse. Also, the Racquet Club was a part of the facility, offering workout facilities, racquet ball, and tennis. However, with the addition of the YMCA, the racquet club was unsustainable and converted into retail.

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Aaron was very helpful and knowledgeable about the area and knew what we should offer on the lot we purchased. Easy to work with. Would definitely use Aaron again with real estate needs.

Gary G.

08 Nov, 2017 10:07 AM CST

Aaron showed me multiple houses. He is very knowledgeable about the market and keeps me informed when new listings hit the market. I? look forward to working with Aaron throughout this buying process.

Mike T.

13 Nov, 2017 12:21 PM CST

Not being from the area I would recommend Aaron Jones to handle your Realestate needs and thought the sale of our lake cabin went well and Aaron and his staff were very responsive . Thanks Aaron

Keith K.

01 Dec, 2017 01:17 PM CST

Aaron worked with us and the seller to ensure a mutually agreeable solution to close on time and at the desired price. We have worked with many realtors and would highly recommend Aaron.

Ryan O.

01 Dec, 2017 01:18 PM CST

"Aaron has a strong knowledge of the Lakes market. He understood what we were looking for & informed us listings as soon as they hit the market. We were satisfied with his services & is currently trying to sell our other home."

Jay V.

18 Jan, 2018 08:57 AM CST

Aaron did a great job representing me and meeting my needs. He researched the market for me and came up with fair comps. Aaron's team did a great job all the way up to the sale and even after the closing was responsive to my phone calls.

Doug J.

01 Feb, 2018 10:14 AM CST

We were looking for an investment property at Bridges Bay Resort and Aaron was great to work with. He was able to answer any question I had regardless of what building or situation. I would definitely recommend him to anyone working in the Okoboji area.

Jair M.

05 Feb, 2018 11:56 AM CST

"We had a wonderful experience selling our lake condo with the help of Aaron Jones. He was very professional, prompt and communicated efficiently. It was a smooth process that we are thankful to have had his help with. We would highly recommend him for your real estate needs."

Dawn T.

20 Feb, 2018 09:20 AM CST

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Aaron was fantastic to work with. Quick to respond to questions. Very knowledgeable about the Okoboji area. We were looking to buy an investment property and he was able to find us exactly what we were ...


27 Apr, 2022

I met Aaron several years back at the development where my property is located. I was working on site having difficulty unloading a truck in bad weather. Aaron was driving by and pulled over and assisted ...


12 Apr, 2022

Aaron has helped us buy and sell a home and both experiences went very smoothly. We appreciate Aaron's work and would recommend him to others looking to buy or sell property in Okobiji.


09 Apr, 2022

Aaron knows his stuff!! We've had great experiences all 8+ times we've worked with him with our purchases. He know the area, the market and does a great job helping us. He is always available and prompt ...


07 Mar, 2022

Aaron and his team knocked it out of the park with our last home purchase. Aaron is very responsive and professional. This was our second time working with him and we would highly recommend him to ...

carl horne5

21 Feb, 2022

I purchased a home in MIlford, sight unseen, to be closer to my son and his family. Aaron went out of his way to answer all of my many questions. He listened to what was important to me and got me through ...


09 Jan, 2022

Aaron and his team at Remax were exceptional! They were very easy to work with. They were very prompt to submit offers on our behalf. Communication during the offer/counteroffer process was prompt as ...


07 Jan, 2022

Aaron was a huge help. We live 330 miles from the property we purchased and Aaron took care of things I did not even think about. He and his team did great by us and I would highly recommend them.He was ...


29 Dec, 2021

I just want to say that Aaron Jones went far above and beyond the call of duty. First off, this was a long distance sell of my Dad's place due to health reasons. Aaron met us at his place on a weekend ...


26 Dec, 2021

We found our experience with Aaron to excellent. We appreciated his prompt response to any question or concern we might have had. His knowledge of the area was extremely beneficial to us. We felt that ...

Ron & Jan Boon

22 Nov, 2021